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Enhance your space with screen doors from Tip Top Screen Shop. Our high-quality, custom-fit doors provide fresh air while keeping bugs out. Elevate your home’s comfort and style today!

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Screen doors

Sliding Screen Doors

Keep Bugs Out, Let Fresh Air In

Sliding screen doors are a great way to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without letting pests into your home. When you need a new sliding screen door installed in your home, call the experts at Tip Top Screen Shop in Grand Junction, CO.

We can provide fast and reliable installations so you can start enjoying your screen door as quickly as possible.

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Tru-Frames are designed for beauty that lasts! Our team will come out and measure, making sure your sliding screen fits your opening perfectly. They’ll then return to the shop and make your custom Tru-Frame sliding screen.

The 500 series Tru-Frame heavy-duty slider is the strongest frame available; it simply outclasses the competition with its unusual strength. It has a solid block form of aluminum for four-corner strength. This slider was designed to withstand the test of time. It has a built-in handle with a safety lock for kids; it is a recessed flush handle, enhancing your view and eliminating screenware.

Stainless steel adjustable rollers and a spring-loaded ball bearing glide on your track. The 200 series slider is lighter-weight, though it still has the four solid corners that are coated to extend the life of this door and has adjustable nylon rollers. You can choose the screen color, creating a fully functioning slider that stays on track.

Check out our gallery for single and double Monterey sliding screen doors from Tru-Frame. We can also add strong aluminum grills to the bottom of your sliders and swinging doors. It will not rust like the steel ones and protects your screen door from damage by children and pets.

Call us at (970) 628-4186 today for a free quote on your installation.

What Kinds of Doors Can We Install?

We offer two distinct types of sliding screen doors for installation in your home:

  • 200 series: The lighter of the two options, this door type comes in a variety of colors and uses nylon rollers to glide back and forth.
  • 500 series: A more heavy-duty choice, the 500 series features built-in handles and locks, stainless steel rollers, and pet door options. Available in white, grey anodized, bronze anodized, almond, and tan.

To learn more about our sliding screen door installation process, contact us now.

Swing Doors

Get a Door That’s Built to Last

Have you always wanted to install screened swinging doors on your home but have never had the chance? With door installations from Tip Top Screen Shop, there’s never been a better time to install stylish and functional swinging doors in your home. Made from strong and long-lasting aluminum, our swinging doors come in various sizes, styles, and colors, so there’s bound to be something you’ll love.

After more than 21 years of installing Tru-Frame swing doors in Hawaii, we know they are of the highest quality. Call us at 970-628-4186 to discuss installation and style options for your home in Grand Junction, CO.

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Choose a Door to Match Your Home—Using Our Tru-Frame Swinging Doors
We have a full selection of doors for you to choose from when considering your door installations. They include:

  • Full view: Get the most visibility from your screen door with a full screen and 6-inch kickplate.
  • Riviera: Reinforce your screen with a lightweight grill on the lower half and the kickplate.
  • Monterrey: Our most sturdy model, with a strong grill on the lower half and reinforced kickplate.
  • Colonial: This very popular door comes in white and anodized bronze, beautiful and stylish.
  • French set up: 2 swing doors that come together in the middle.
  • 3 Hinged swinging doors are 36×80
  • 4 Hinged doors are 36×96
  • We also offer an 8×10 lockable pet door with a kick plate option for your pet; they will love how easy it is!
  • Kick plates are available for extra durability.

All swinging doors come in standard 36-by-80 inches or 36-by-96 inches tall. If you have any questions about your installation, contact us today.

security door

Security Doors

Bolster Your Home’s Security With a Sturdy Door

Your front door can be your home’s first line of defense against intruders. When you want the maximum amount of safety in your home, talk to the pros at Tip Top Screen Shop for security door installations. Our team can install a custom security door outfitted with the latest security features while also matching your home and décor.

Our Tru-Frame security door is prehung, so it seals all around the edge. The bottom has an adjustable door sweep and is re-screenable. This door comes in white or anodized bronze with a grill from top to bottom, deadbolt hardware, and keys. This high-quality hardware includes options for a stainless steel epoxy screen.

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Tru-Frame quality security doors have great features such as:

  • Ventilation: This security door can be locked securely, giving you safety and confidence day or night for cooling ventilation.
  • Visibility: Tru-Frame security doors allow clear viewing of the outdoors and visitors with their open, secured sculptured grill.
  • Deadbolt Security: The deadbolt security of Tru-Frame combined with the high tensile strength of the aluminum construction. The deadbolt lock affords the best protection available. The deadbolt lock cannot be pried open by a metal or plastic insert. Even on the faceplate and handle, the concealed mechanism and main bolt remain locked.
  • Rust Free: Tru-Frame security doors are rust-free with extruded aluminum construction. The Tru-Frame security door won’t rust and is ideal for all environments.
  • Easy Open: Easy opening with concealed oil light hinges and extruded aluminum construction, the true frame security door swings freely and is easier than heavy steel security doors.
  • French Door Option: Tru Frame also has a French door option. Swing screen doors are also available with a French door kit for double doors.

Remember, we will come out and measure, give you a quote, deliver, install, and haul away the old, so the only finger you have to lift is to dial. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a security door installation in Grand Junction, CO.

We Have the Features You Need to Keep Your Home Safe

Our custom security doors come with various safety features that you can choose from to decide your level of security. These include:

  • Deadbolts
  • Epoxy-coated stainless mesh
  • All-around seal
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Anti-rust technology

Call us at (970) 628-4186 today to begin customizing your security door.

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